#ViralStory: The Power Of Social Media

29. November 2018

We speak about Digital Minimalism and what we could do to be less abducted by phones and social media. I even wrote a love letter to my phone some weeks ago.

It’s true though… social media CAN be dangerous and sometimes overwhelming, but it can also be good in many ways. The internet can help to bring people back together after years, our beloved ones in some cases. It also has the power of bringing society together for a good cause and that is more valuable than any negatives aspects of it.

During this time of the year, all we want to do is enjoy the time with our families, be grateful for the good things that happened throughout this year and listening to (or reading shall we rather say…) stories that make us happy.

So here are some viral stories that show that the power of social media overrules any other negatives sides of the digital world that we live in.

#ViralStory: Friendship on Board

Childhood and friendship. Two of the things that make us the happiest on earth and this next story combines these two things.

In this case, two friends were reunited via Twitter after 15 years of meeting for the first time on a cruise. Both girls had “become best friends” at the time they both travelled with their families during a summer in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, they lost contact with the years until one of them invoked the power of Twitter and magically… she appeared. Because no friendship should ever be forgotten. Full story

#ViralStory: The Walking Man

Nothing less than 33 km (21 miles) was what James Roberston, originally from Detroit, walked every single working day to get to work or what he likes to call… his second family.

He had been walking the same way for over 10 years when a local bank Vice President who decided to give him a ride to his workplace one snowy morning. The commuter told his story to the banker and they instantly became close friends. Robertson’s story was so touching that the banker had to tell the press about it and days after, the story was out there… „The Walking Man”.

After his 1988 car let him down, he couldn’t afford a new one so he had to start walking to his workplace. Shortly after reading the article, a 19-year-old student from a close by university decided to open a Go Fund Me page on his behalf, under the motive “Get this guy a car”.  The initial plan was to raise $5000 for him to get a second-hand car, but the initial plan twisted… in a very good way. The initial goal was reached in hours after the publication went viral. People wanted to donate and couldn’t so they increased the amount and ended up raising over $300,000 for the local walking commuter. His life was about to change drastically. After that, a local car brand gave me the gift he has wanted all this time, a car.

This is a great example of how the internet can also change someone’s life for the good. Full story

#ViralStory: A Dark Halloween Night

We all know Halloween is a “scary” night, however, we think missing your dog might be even scarier. Unfortunately, this is what happened to American Pie actor, Jason Biggs on a Halloween night.

Their dog had run away from home that same night and the actor didn’t doubt one second about the power of social media and immediately began a “Lost-dog campaign” with the help of his followers. Little did it take for people to retweet the post and eventually finding the puppy.

Once again another “happily ever after” story between dogs and humans, thanks to the power of social media! Full story


Unsere Smartphones und Social Media werden gesellschaftlich eher als etwas schlechtes angesehen. Immer wird darüber geredet, wie man seinen Smartphone-Konsum einschränken kann.

Es ist ja auch nicht vollkommen falsch. Es passiert schnell, dass man mehrere Stunden am Tag vor dem Handy sitzt. Man wird schnell in den Bann von Social Media gezogen und das Letzte was man am Tag macht, ist im Bett liegen und Instagram checken. Aber Social Media hat nicht nur schlechte Seiten: Menschen werden vereint, Spenden in Rekordzeit erzielt. Es gibt unzählige wundervolle Geschichten, die das Social Media-Leben ein Wenig schöner machen.

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