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Sunday Thoughts: Instagram Dysmorphia

17. Februar 2019

Instagram is changing the way we design our world and the ideal of beauty. The social media platform is redefining our standards of beauty and as a fact, influencers are all starting to look the same: long curly hair, big boobs, fake lashes, lip fillers and zero wrinkles. You don’t think so? The British photographer, John Rankin Waddell, proofed…

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Rocking your weekly routine – Tips & hacks

13. Februar 2019

Every parent in the world knows how much your life changes after having a child. Small things of your everyday life become unreachable luxury experiences. However, the fact is that somehow, we all manage to find our way, our “perfect” balance as parents. We all find those little hacks that help us get through the week the…

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New releases in February

1. Februar 2019

February is a short month and that is exactly why we need to hurry and be ready to watch all the releases on Netflix, TV and cinema coming out in February. New on TV Now, this is very VERY exciting… If you are a fan of the TV show „2 Minuten 2 Millionen – Die PULS 4…

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Skiing with kids: Tips & Hacks

30. Januar 2019

The excitement is real. After jumping waves, we are soon heading to Tyrol for a week full of skiing. And as a matter of fact, Emilian and I are not the only ones ready to rock the semester break in the snow. Therefore, I have put together some tips that will hopefully avoid any “pre-planning-skiing-crisis”. Where to…

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Gillette Kampagne: Macho-Mann vs. Gentle-Mann?

28. Januar 2019

Eines muss man Gillette lassen: Mit ihrer neuen Kampagne “The Best Men can be” hat die verantwortliche Agentur Grey New York für Procter & Gamble sehr viel richtig gemacht. Shitstorm hin oder her. Verborgen hinter der Kampagne – und sehr spürbar in der erregten Debatte, die sie ausgelöst hat – stellt sich eine sehr grundlegende Frage: Was…

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