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Pink Revolution

23. April 2019

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions, said Pablo Picasso and boy, was he right. Lately, well, actually ever since cherry blossom season started, we feel drawn to all things pink simply because it makes us happy. The colors we surround ourselves with have a significant effect on our emotions. Up until today scientists are…

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Easter Break with Kids

15. April 2019

The Easter countdown had begun… Emilian is all set and ready to look for the hidden eggs in the garden and the office also spreads out the season vibes. In the meantime, I asked you, whether you were planning on leaving the city or staying in Vienna. According to your answers, I prepared some tips in and…

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March Obsessions: Shades Madness

13. März 2019

Finally, the new season is here and with the spring days, my love for any type of sunglasses (especially) doubles. Sunglasses don’t know about age or time, they will forever be a must-have. Personally, as you might already know, I am a big fan of these Givenchy sunglasses. These lovers travelled all the way with me to…

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Sunday Thoughts: Breaking CEO stereotypes

10. März 2019

Dictionary result for CEO /siːiːˈəʊ/ noun a chief executive officer, the highest-ranking person in a company or other institution, ultimately responsible for making managerial decisions. I talk a lot about entrepreneurship on the blog. I run a business myself while being a full-time mom, which I consider like my second job. I jumped on this adventure of…

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Sunday Thoughts: Instagram Dysmorphia

17. Februar 2019

Instagram is changing the way we design our world and the ideal of beauty. The social media platform is redefining our standards of beauty and as a fact, influencers are all starting to look the same: long curly hair, big boobs, fake lashes, lip fillers and zero wrinkles. You don’t think so? The British photographer, John Rankin Waddell, proofed…

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