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12. Oktober 2018

It is time to fly into the kids’ universe… Welcome to the Mini Markt’s 7th edition. This weekend, families have the chance of visiting the little Miniversum at MuseumsQuartier. And guess what: We’ve just visited the shop-up event, and it is a MUST-GO! What you will find… More than 50 brands to do with family, kids and…

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The Day I Discovered You

4. Oktober 2018

For 1.5 years now, I am a full-time working mom … no secret for most of you, I know. Tho’ I am not sure everybody understands the amount of time we (working mothers) spend trying to fix our schedules. We run from kindergarten to the office. From the office to meetings. From meetings to (kids) appointments. In…

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A Throwback To The Marionnaud New Collections Presentation

2. Oktober 2018

We were invited to the Marionnaud latest presentation of their fall/winter highlights at the stunning Schönburg Palace in Vienna. Caro, Emilian and I made our way to the Palace and discovered all the new products and brands that the Marionnaud stores will be selling this season. Who said kids can’t fashion events!? Not only did we discover…

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Behind the scenes with Vichy

27. September 2018

It was an early morning at the end of July when I left home and the sun was already shining. I knew for a fact that it was going to be a good day since I had two shootings planned that Thursday and I was really looking forward to both of them. As you might already know, I…

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A Quick Guide For A Successful Monday Morning Routine

24. September 2018

You already know I believe in the ideal balance, between work and personal life especially. But preparing for your week can help you find your balance faster and have a very successful week when your work demands a lot of hours. Mondays are usually the busiest days at the office. I run from meetings with clients to…

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