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Motivation Boost: Who said you couldn’t?

27. Januar 2019

“You have to be the weakest writer I have ever met in my entire life” was what Lisa’s teacher said to her once and boy can I relate. I received the same feedback over and over again during 5 long years of high school. My German teacher tried her best at putting me down and luckily didn’t…

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Snowy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves

23. Januar 2019

As much as I love the beach and cannot wait to be back in paradise, I have to admit I also enjoy the colder months of the year. Whether it is skiing in the mountains (ohhhh… some new adventures are coming up!!) or simply enjoying the beauty of snowy days in the city, here are my 10…

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Sunday Thoughts: My (Non) #10YearChallenge

20. Januar 2019

We sat with the team this week and decided that we should also go with the flow. We would prepare a short #10YearChallenge post for Sunday. It was fun, right? So, I woke up the next morning and quickly typed in #10YearChallenge into google and SURPRISE. The headline read “Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge is just a harmless…

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Throwback: Our Holidays In Pictures

10. Januar 2019

We are back and well ready to go. A good rest was all we needed to welcome the year with the best energy because positive vibes are always a must. Our batteries are recharged and we are excited to bring more projects to life with the whole team. But before we start with “the real deal” and…

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Weihnachtszauber – Kinderglück: Im Advent in Wien

1. Dezember 2018

Oh, wie habe ich als Kind die Vorweihnachtszeit geliebt! Da ist Magie, da ist etwas Zauberhaftes – da ist Freude. Ich habe ja die ersten Lebensjahre in der Schweiz zugebracht. Was gab es da Schöneres, als an einem Adventsabend in Zürich unter dem Lichterhimmel von Bahnhofstrasse oder Rennweg herumzulaufen? Lichter, Lichter, Lichter – ein einziges Funkeln. Dann…

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