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Candle Obsessions: The Season has arrived

15. November 2018

I am sure I am not alone in this… the candle season has arrived. Oh‘, this makes me very happy. It means its officially okay to have hot chocolate and marshmallows every single night. It means evenings get chilly. Days are shorter and early mornings colder. Blankets are much more necessary and other details to make your…

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Monday Journal #16

12. November 2018

Oh well, here we are. November is a month where many things happen in the city of Vienna especially. All the Christmas preparations are spiced up with a bunch of things happening in town. Here are some of them: Luckily for Christmas-lovers, November is also the time when all the Christmas Markets in Vienna open. Even though…

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Best Martinigansl in Vienna

9. November 2018

Even though the official season of eating Martinigansl has only just started, I have a confession to make… I already had my first portion of the year. It was already two weeks ago. Slightly early, I know, but I honestly could not wait. Many are the legends that affirm different versions of the events, but all of…

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I asked my 5-year-old what makes him happy

6. November 2018

I asked him, he looked up at me with his eyes wide open and then answered. The question was simple… what makes you happy Emilian? Is it strange to ask such a basic, simple question? Sometimes it even feels “weird”. Actually, I think that we should ask our kids, friends, as well as ourselves that question more…

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Sunday Thoughts: How about having it all?

4. November 2018

Als wenn es möglich wäre? Alles haben! Alles können! Und dann, aber auch erst dann: glücklich sein! Endlich wirklich glücklich sein! Nein, hier erliegen wir einer Illusion, und wir wissen es. Das letzte Glück gibt es nicht. Denn wir haben nie genug. Wir sind nie zufrieden, soviel wir auch haben. Immer fehlt etwas, immer könnte es noch…

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