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22. Oktober 2018

Vienna is, in fact, a very lively city for both young and old. In the colder months though, there are little secrets that keep on making Vienna one of the best cities to live worldwide. So here are some of the little secrets you should know if you are visiting Vienna for 48 hours. First of all……

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Monday Journal #14

15. Oktober 2018

We are in the middle of the month already, Halloween is around the corner and so is Christmas (a little bit further away, but still close already!). During the past weekend, Emilian and I went to…. The Roncalli Circus. Obviously, we had a blast because who doesn’t enjoy going to the circus, right? However, I must admit…

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Ways to boost your energy

14. Oktober 2018

Sometimes my daily schedule might start with a very early morning for a shooting and sometimes it might end with a late meeting with clients. My MOMpreneur role is 24/7 and for these long days sometimes a quick boost of energy in the morning is the perfect way to load my system with a good power-dose. For…

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