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Happy kids on board – Tips & Hacks 

18. Dezember 2018

I travelled to New York by myself last week, what a difference. I forgot what it was like to fly without a toddler. But in a few days, Emilian and I will be on the go again. This time our winter holidays include some short and long-distance flights. The first flight will be a short one, to…

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Ask The Team: Unique Dinner Spots In Vienna

15. Dezember 2018

This year I came to celebrate my birthday to the big apple. The city of New York is mesmerizing at this time of the year and as you might imagine, the food spots in NYC are never-ending. This made me think of the nice spots we have in Vienna because it might not be New York, but…

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Keep it glowing: My Hyalu-Secret

13. Dezember 2018

With Christmas around the corner, office dinners, family reunions, cocktail parties and so many different things going on, one of the most important things is getting our skin ready for this time of the year. However, what we all really want to manage is to look glowy and fresh for Christmas Eve and New Year’s, I mean……

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Monday Journal #18

10. Dezember 2018

We are getting ready to end the year the best way. A lot of organization goes into it. First of all, Emilian and I spend some quality time together at the Reiters Reserve Finest Family this weekend before I am off tomorrow to a special place to celebrate my birthday this year. I am extremely excited about…

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Sunday Thoughts: What Is A Powerful Mom?

9. Dezember 2018

The other night I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I came across this „gallery style” article, where they referred to some women as the “most powerful moms of all times”. Wait, what do they mean? Was my first thought. More powerful in terms of money? Physical strength? Career choices? Influence over the world? I didn’t quite…

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