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Sunday Thoughts: Positive Energie ist ansteckend

15. Juli 2018

Es gibt gute Tage, es gibt schlechte Tage. Entscheidend ist, uns auch an schlechten Tagen nicht unterkriegen zu lassen. Das ist nicht immer leicht – genauso wenig wie der Versuch, jeden Tag gut gelaunt zu sein oder auch nur die innere Balance zu halten. Warum überhaupt geraten wir plötzlich in einen “negative mood”? Da sind Stress, Überarbeitung…

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It’s this time of the year again – Ibiza bound!

11. Juli 2018

Finally, the countdown has started. It is now time to pack. To pack for a whole week in Ibiza. Oh dear, how have things changed… before it was just me and my suitcase. Now there are so many things to plan, that leaving for a whole week has become a real ordeal. Emilian, Pharo, the office, clients,…

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Monday Journal #7

9. Juli 2018

Mondays fly by much faster than I would like them to go. Every time I look back I can’t believe we are already halfway through the summer and that so many new projects just keep on coming up, we are definitely going to have a hard “back to school” situation in September – I’m excited though! It’s…

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Travelling with kids: Tips and Hacks

5. Juli 2018

Travelling with kids…scary, right? I feel ya, but if you overthink it you will never do it. That’s a fact. Trust me, that was exactly my thought when I made the decision of travelling around Asia and Australia with a 2,5-year-old Emilian. Some may have thought I was nuts, completely irresponsible, taking a 2,5-year-old to travel around…

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My Exclusive Summer Make-Up Essentials List

2. Juli 2018

The departure time is getting closer and closer. And while I pack my must-haves for the trip of the summer, I find myself once again going through my beauty pouch. My beauty essentials usually change throughout the year. Naturally, during the summer I use different products than I do in Vienna during the colder months. My skin…

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