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Monday Journal #12

17. September 2018

September started strong and luckily the weather is still nice, which I am sure we all love. Emilian started his last year of kindergarten and that was quite emotional for me. His last year of kindergarten, time flew since we came back from our trip around the Asian continent. How did it happen so fast? Next year…

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Mompreneur: Louisa Bergauer – Molly and Stitch

16. September 2018

Louisa is the founder of the brand Molly and Stitch. She was 27 when she founded a small brand that would later transform into what it is today. Currently based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Louisa says that this is one of her dreams come true. Being able to offer her children the same type of childhood that…

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Making a rough day end the best way

12. September 2018

No matter how positive you are. No matter how many motivational podcasts you listened to. No matter even that you stayed on track with your daily routine. Some days are just BAD. Really holding myself on writing the real swear word. But you can get the idea. Sometimes it is better to just head home and press…

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Summer is not over yet

5. September 2018

It is time to go back to work. Back to school or university, but before we all start wearing long jeans again, jackets and scarfs, there is still some time left to wear one of these. Jumpsuits are the best way to stay fresh and chic while at the office and trust me if I say: It…

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