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MOMpreneur: Lilly and Rhana – Supercycle

21. März 2019

Wir sind Lilli (33) und Rhana (35), sind beide in Wien geboren und nach längerer Zeit im Ausland wieder zurück nach Wien gekommen. Lilli hat in New York Architektur studiert, in diversen Architekturbüros gearbeitet und ein Architekturbuch geschrieben. Rhana hat in London Economics studiert und anschliessend in London, Moskau und Wien in Corporate Finance gearbeitet. Lilli hat…

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Monday Journal #24

18. März 2019

Again, two busy weeks passed and we’re back with a lot of new stories, happenings and things to know. Looking back into my week… We attended the “The little black cat” boutique new store opening. Has anyone spotted it in town yet? Well, it is located at Zollergasse 43. Vichy’s little shop in the middle of Vienna’s 7th…

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March Obsessions: Shades Madness

13. März 2019

Finally, the new season is here and with the spring days, my love for any type of sunglasses (especially) doubles. Sunglasses don’t know about age or time, they will forever be a must-have. Personally, as you might already know, I am a big fan of these Givenchy sunglasses. These lovers travelled all the way with me to…

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Sunday Thoughts: Breaking CEO stereotypes

10. März 2019

Dictionary result for CEO /siːiːˈəʊ/ noun a chief executive officer, the highest-ranking person in a company or other institution, ultimately responsible for making managerial decisions. I talk a lot about entrepreneurship on the blog. I run a business myself while being a full-time mom, which I consider like my second job. I jumped on this adventure of…

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Vienna’s Finest After-Office Spots

4. März 2019

A classic after office meet up is the best way to reconnect with old work colleagues, good friends or simply meeting new people while relaxing after a busy day at the office. Indeed, sometimes it is just necessary to have a good glass of wine (or cocktail?) before heading home. Together with the mild and shy sunny…

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