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Lilly’s Trip To Tel Aviv (תל אביב)

18. Mai 2018

Lilly travelled to Tel Aviv two weeks ago. She was euphoric about the whole travelling without the computer thing. It meant “real” holidays for her. She is a super hard worker and she’s also casually dropping by the university to finish her Bachelors. “Just” a Bachelor’s degree you know… The trip to Tel Aviv had a very…

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Dressy Jumpsuits by mit Handkuss are back

15. Mai 2018

It is mid-May and (even though the weather forecast for the next four days in Vienna looks pretty rainy) soon the real summer nights will be hitting our doors. Ready to toast us. Ready to tan us. Pool days are coming and ice cream days too. We all start planning our holidays and our next dreamy destinations.…

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Monday Journal #3

14. Mai 2018

Two weeks have gone by already. It has been so quick, rather hypersonic. We were chatting about how to handle the full time working life with motherhood and going through the Urban Monkey Detox plan we did and all of a sudden, the week is over. Am I the only one that thinks that the world is turning slightly…

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A letter to my mom

13. Mai 2018

Hi mom, I’ve put some words together only to thank you for practically everything. I hope that’s okay. Because today is your day. Although it could be your day every single day until the end of times. Because today, I want to say thank you, mom, for so many things. Simply because heroes (and heroines in this…

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Warum ich Milchprodukte von SalzburgMilch unbesorgt einkaufe

11. Mai 2018

KOLLABORATION || COLLABORATION Unlängst war das mit Handkuss-Team (Sneak Peek gab es in iunserem Monday Journal) zum Brunch bei SalzburgMilch eingeladen. Schon am frühen Morgen machten wir uns auf den Weg nach Salzburg. Wir erreichten das Imlauer Hotel Pitter und genossen zunächst einmal den grossartigen Blick von der Dachterrasse über die gewaltige Berglandschaft. Dann stellte uns Christian…

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