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Easter Break with Kids

15. April 2019

The Easter countdown had begun… Emilian is all set and ready to look for the hidden eggs in the garden and the office also spreads out the season vibes. In the meantime, I asked you, whether you were planning on leaving the city or staying in Vienna. According to your answers, I prepared some tips in and…

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MOMpreneur: Lilly and Rhana – Supercycle

21. März 2019

Wir sind Lilli (33) und Rhana (35), sind beide in Wien geboren und nach längerer Zeit im Ausland wieder zurück nach Wien gekommen. Lilli hat in New York Architektur studiert, in diversen Architekturbüros gearbeitet und ein Architekturbuch geschrieben. Rhana hat in London Economics studiert und anschliessend in London, Moskau und Wien in Corporate Finance gearbeitet. Lilli hat…

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Rocking your weekly routine – Tips & hacks

13. Februar 2019

Every parent in the world knows how much your life changes after having a child. Small things of your everyday life become unreachable luxury experiences. However, the fact is that somehow, we all manage to find our way, our “perfect” balance as parents. We all find those little hacks that help us get through the week the…

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Skiing with kids: Tips & Hacks

30. Januar 2019

The excitement is real. After jumping waves, we are soon heading to Tyrol for a week full of skiing. And as a matter of fact, Emilian and I are not the only ones ready to rock the semester break in the snow. Therefore, I have put together some tips that will hopefully avoid any “pre-planning-skiing-crisis”. Where to…

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I asked my 5-year-old what makes him happy

6. November 2018

I asked him, he looked up at me with his eyes wide open and then answered. The question was simple… what makes you happy Emilian? Is it strange to ask such a basic, simple question? Sometimes it even feels “weird”. Actually, I think that we should ask our kids, friends, as well as ourselves that question more…

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