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12. Oktober 2018

It is time to fly into the kids’ universe… Welcome to the Mini Markt’s 7th edition. This weekend, families have the chance of visiting the little Miniversum at MuseumsQuartier. And guess what: We’ve just visited the shop-up event, and it is a MUST-GO! What you will find… More than 50 brands to do with family, kids and…

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Mompreneur: Louisa Bergauer – Molly and Stitch

16. September 2018

Louisa is the founder of the brand Molly and Stitch. She was 27 when she founded a small brand that would later transform into what it is today. Currently based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Louisa says that this is one of her dreams come true. Being able to offer her children the same type of childhood that…

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Ein Sommer wie damals

27. August 2018

Ein Sommer wie damals … Wir laufen barfuß über Stock und Stein, angeln Fische aus dem Teich, bereiten sie am Grill fürs gemeinsame Familienessen. Wir besuchen die Naturparks, übernachten in Zelten im Garten, backen Kuchen mit Großmutter, laufen mit den Hunden ans Wasserufer, spielen Verstecken im Wald, hüpfen in den See … leben den Sommer unseres Lebens.…

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It Is All About The Ride

23. August 2018

It’s late, he’s sleeping. It was a long summer and we are both happily tired. We were busy doing … fun stuff. The kind of fun stuff that we won’t get to do as much when summer comes to an end and reality hits us. I’m sitting on the couch with the windows open. The breeze reminds…

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Tackling boredom – Kids & Parents friendly!

19. August 2018

A summer with a toddler can get long simply because they might be on holidays… but you are probably not. You need to adapt your working schedule. Your working hours might get shorter, and there is more to fit into an hour of work than there is during a normal month in winter. If you are lucky…

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