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The secret behind Black Friday

23. November 2018

Friday and sales, what a great combination this is. For those of you who never heard how “Black Friday” actually happened, here’s a short explanation of the event. The late 1950s, Philadelphia. It was the day after Thanksgiving and the local police were having a headache every year on this day. The streets were packed and they…

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Summer is not over yet

5. September 2018

It is time to go back to work. Back to school or university, but before we all start wearing long jeans again, jackets and scarfs, there is still some time left to wear one of these. Jumpsuits are the best way to stay fresh and chic while at the office and trust me if I say: It…

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12. August 2018

I was on a beautiful weekend getaway and am now back in the city. While I was busy relaxing by the sea, tanning on the sand, I realized there are some things I am currently obsessed with … and so is the team. We have literally fallen in love with some items that arrived at the office…

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MOMpreneur: TRIBBE – HatsByBlanka

22. Juni 2018

Originally from Slovenia but with Italian roots from her mother side, Blanka moved to Vienna with the aim of starting her own fashion line. The fashion industry was a passion in which she had fallen for years before as a teenager while working as a model and a stylist before becoming a designer. Even though she has a…

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IT-PIECES: Hippie Tribal Jumpsuits

13. Juni 2018

The whole idea of the jumpsuits came to me while travelling around Asia when Emilian was only 2 years old. We were travelling with extremely little luggage and dressing up and combining my clothes became a whole new art I hadn’t experienced before. My mit Handkuss designs were a result of this adventure of ours. I needed…

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