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MOMpreneur: TRIBBE – HatsByBlanka

22. Juni 2018

Originally from Slovenia but with Italian roots from her mother side, Blanka moved to Vienna with the aim of starting her own fashion line. The fashion industry was a passion in which she had fallen for years before as a teenager while working as a model and a stylist before becoming a designer. Even though she has a…

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IT-PIECES: Hippie Tribal Jumpsuits

13. Juni 2018

The whole idea of the jumpsuits came to me while travelling around Asia when Emilian was only 2 years old. We were travelling with extremely little luggage and dressing up and combining my clothes became a whole new art I hadn’t experienced before. My mit Handkuss designs were a result of this adventure of ours. I needed…

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How to style your jumpsuit for any occasion

5. Juni 2018

Did I already mention how proud I am of my dressy jumpsuits? I probably said it some weeks ago when I officially started the mit Handkuss design season (a.k.a. good weather!). The jumpsuits are a personal project of mine that I am extremely proud to be able to do. Luckily for me, you love them too! I…

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Sunday Thoughts: Die Päckchenflut – Ein Weckruf!

27. Mai 2018

Wer tut’s nicht? Nichts ist leichter als Online-Shopping, und schon sind wir mit Begeisterung dabei. Wir müssen nicht mehr ins Geschäft gehen. Wir müssen uns nicht mehr mit einem Menschen unterhalten, der uns kompetent beraten will. Wir müssen nichts heimtragen. Zudem: Wir sparen Geld. Du schöne neue Welt! So liegen wir auf der Couch oder noch im…

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Dressy Jumpsuits by mit Handkuss

15. Mai 2018

It is mid-May and (even though the weather forecast for the next four days in Vienna looks pretty rainy) soon the real summer nights will be hitting our doors. Ready to toast us. Ready to tan us. Pool days are coming and ice cream days too. We all start planning our holidays and our next dreamy destinations.…

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