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12. August 2018

I was on a beautiful weekend getaway and am now back in the city. While I was busy relaxing by the sea, tanning on the sand, I realized there are some things I am currently obsessed with … and so is the team. We have literally fallen in love with some items that arrived at the office…

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My Exclusive Summer Make-Up Essentials List

2. Juli 2018

The departure time is getting closer and closer. And while I pack my must-haves for the trip of the summer, I find myself once again going through my beauty pouch. My beauty essentials usually change throughout the year. Naturally, during the summer I use different products than I do in Vienna during the colder months. My skin…

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Healthy Sun-Kissed Skin With Vichy

26. Juni 2018

It was the end of May when I finally got to tell you all about this great project. I had been selected as the National Brand Ambassador for Vichy. YAY, still so honoured! This is definitely one of my favourite collaborations ever since I started the blog some years ago. And as you might have read about…

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My 3 step morning routine with Vichy

24. Mai 2018

KOLLABORATION || COLLABORATION Finally, the day has arrived and I can tell you a secret I have been keeping for myself for such a long time. I might have given you some hints already. When I said “new projects coming soon” or any other cheeky details on Instagram stories, I meant this. I teamed up with the…

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5 Ultimate Beauty Go-To Products

27. April 2018

Beauty routines can be slightly annoying if you are not voluntarily an early bird, however, the incredible feeling you have after going through your basic beauty steps, makes it all worth it. Not only is it important to have it hydrated all day through, it deserves to be taken care of at all times. Remember your skin…

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