5 Ultimate Beauty Go-To Products

27. April 2018

Beauty routines can be slightly annoying if you are not voluntarily an early bird, however, the incredible feeling you have after going through your basic beauty steps, makes it all worth it. Not only is it important to have it hydrated all day through, it deserves to be taken care of at all times. Remember your skin will stay with you for the rest of your life, so looking after it is a must-do by all means. Apart from this, your hair for instance also deserves a special care. Due to my job, I tend to change beauty products quite often and I get to try many different products, however, there are 5 products that I always end up going back to.

The Vichy Mineral 89 Booster is one of the products I have discovered in the last few weeks. Pretty miraculous I must say. The light and shine my skin gets automatically after I use it, makes me question myself how I could live without it for such a long time. Unquestionably a must-have at home.

Argan oil is one of my cheeky secrets to keep my hair nice and as perfect as it can get. Argan oil is (or should be) natural and the amounts of benefits it has are endless. It protects your hair from the iron and heat. Repairs split ends and a tamed frizz. Argan oil is also very good for the summer season because it protects your hair from the chemicals that you may come across with while swimming in the pools this summer.

Your under-eye area is one of the most delicate parts of your face. The skin in this area is very thin and needs some extra treatment since it is exactly where those unkind wrinkles appear at first. This Vichy Slow Age eye treatment is also part of my favourite go-to products when speaking about beauty care. As a personal hint, I would say always remember to apply your eye creams with your ring finger, since this is the finger with less strength and that will impact more gently on this area of your face.

The Prep + Prime from MAC is a perfect a very light water mist that calms and refreshes your skin. It can also be used as a finishing make-up touch and it is one of my must-haves when travelling or the perfect “freshener” for a very long day at the office.

At last, it’s my forever go-to Hypnose Mascara by Lancôme. This is the product I return to the most. Together with the Prep + Prime by MAC, it has saved me from a bunch uncomfortable situations where just that delicate touch and light contrast on your eyelashes changed your whole glance.


Wer ist schon gern ein Frühaufsteher? Ist nicht jede Minute länger im Bett am Morgen ein Segen? Schon gut; denn einmal aufgestanden, und bereits sieht die Welt ganz anders aus. Dabei ist die Hautpflege besonders wichtig. Denn unsere Haut braucht Feuchtigkeit, und das für den ganzen Tag. Schließlich begleitet sie uns lebenslang; ihre Pflege lohnt sich also.

Mein Beruf bringt es mit sich, dass ich meine Schönheitsprodukte recht oft wechsle. Doch da gibt es fünf Produkte, zu denen ich immer wieder zurückkehre. Gern verrate ich sie Euch:

Da ist der Vichy Mineral 89 Booster für meine Haut. Argan Öl verwende ich für meine Haare. Für die Augen schwöre ich auf Vichy Slow Age Augen Creme. Prep + Prime von MAC ist der “Freshener” überhaupt – besonders nach einem langen Arbeitstag. Ja, und dann natürlich die Hypnose Mascara von Lancôme – treue Anwenderin seit 15 Jahren!

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