4. März 2019

As you might already have seen some hints on Instagram stories, last week was my eye laser intervention. Luckily everything went well, surprisingly fast, and I can finally salute my glasses. Isn’t that amazing? I still cannot believe that it is just one week ago. Trust me, I am enjoying a new life seeing with eagle eye. I will probably tell you a bit more about it further on … are you interested in an article on laser eye surgery?

In order to prepare for the intervention, I went for a digital detox experience, but this time for three full days. We chose Falkensteiner Resort at Stegersbach, Burgenland, and had a great time. Their resort is generally very cosy and relaxed … especially as it is adults only. AMEN! It includes different outside pools as well as a great sauna area. Their food is really good and so is the bar for a nice drink (or two) after dinner. The weekend was so relaxing that I finally managed to start reading a book which had been on my list for five months. You will find more about this book recommendation further down in this article!

Meanwhile in Vienna… there is a lot of events and fun stuff that deserves some attention this week. Like for example, The Little Black Cat boutique is moving to a new spot in town for their 3 anniversary. They are opening their doors officially TODAY at their new location is Zollergasse 43 in the 7th district.

Another interesting fact to add to your must-do list this month is the Wiener Restaurantwoche. Happening March 18 – 24. If you don’t know what it consists of, here’s a short recap: A week where many restaurants agree to prepare a special 1-3 course menu for their new guests to try and discover new food spots in town. Find out which restaurants are participating and all their information here. Bon appetit!

For kids… you might want to note the Lantern Spring & Light Festival. It’s the first time I hear about this festival, I have to admit, but I am already looking forward to it. I think Emilian will really enjoy it. The dates are March 22 – 24. More info should come soon though!

Art-wise, there are also different things happening in town this month. First of all, Italy is coming to Vienna at the Opera house. They will be offering different Italian Opera pieces throughout the whole month such as Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, Donizetti’s Elixir of Love, and Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra.

To all the international ladies in Vienna, how about a Ladies Brunch where you can chat and meet other women in a similar situation to yours or simply network? You never know, who you might meet – All the info here!

Did you know… the Messe für Kunst und Design is also happening in Vienna this month. This is a great way of enjoying and inhaling art in every type and shape. Different artists coming together and joining their artistic forces to make this huge international show happen. You will not want to miss this event if you are into art, that’s a fact.

As you already know, I am a huge fan of Spielman’s work and have I even told you about her other books in the past. First I read The Life List” in record time. I simply couldn’t stop reading itSometime later, I went for her second novel, “Sweet Forgiveness” (or „Nur einen Horizont entfernt“ in German). This was the novel which I took with me on vacation and it had such a strong impact on me that I declared myself a real fan of her immediately after reading it. What about you? Do you have any books that have changed your vision of life?

About the team… These past weeks Caro has had some days off, which means she has had time to enjoy some coffee breaks at one of her favourite spots in town (pssst, you can find it here – “Ask the team” article!). Besides that, she also had time to make some of her majestic creations in the kitchen for a friend’s birthday. Evidence on the right – Spoiler alert: it’s sweet and delicious!

Tati, on the other hand, attended a (mixed) art exhibition called WELT-Ausstellung where the Italian artist Mariangela Corsetti was showing her work together with many other creatives like Driendl*Architects, photographer Milli Kaufmann and designers Büro POLKA and Robert Rüf. The chosen location was an old refurbished basement owned by one of the artists with an open patio that allowed everyone to enjoy the pieces even from outside. Simply great!



Ich kann es immer noch nicht ganz glauben! Ich habe meine Augen lasern lassen … und schon sehe ich wieder wie ein Adler. Irgendwie unglaublich … und in jedem Falle herrlich. Genauso wie ein Wochenendaufenthalt im Falkensteiner Resort in Stegersbach im Burgenland…. ganz ohne Kinder!

Wien Update: The Little Black Cat Boutique feiert das dreijährige Bestehen … und sind in die Zollergasse 43 im 7. Bezirk umgezogen. Derweil einige Wiener Restaurants vom 18. bis 24 . März die Wiener Restaurantwoche mit speziellen Angeboten durchführen. Die Staatsoper kommt mit einem sehr Italienisch angehauchten Programm (Hochzeit des Figaro, Elixir der Liebe, Simon Boccanegra). Und wer sich für Kunst interessiert, wird die Messe für Kunst und Design nicht verpassen wollen.

International orientierte Damen werden sich den Ladies Brunch nicht entgehen lassen, und Kinder freuen sich vom 22. bis 24. März auf das Lantern Spring & Light Festival.

Caro nutzte einige freie Tage nicht nur, um in ihrem Lieblingscafé guten Kaffee zu genießen. Sie kreierte vor allem auch eine süße Herrlichkeit zum Geburtstag einer Freundin. Tati besuchte eine Kunstausstellung, an der – gemeinsam mit vielen anderen – einer ihrer Freunde teilnahm.
Und ich hatte endlich Zeit, das vierte Buch von Lori Nelson Spielman zu lesen: „Heute schon für morgen träumen“. Wieder ein Hit und unbedingt empfehlenswert. Habt auch Ihr Bücher, die euch eine neue Vorstellung vom guten Leben gegeben haben?

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