Ask The Team: Books To Unplug This Summer

28. Juni 2018

It is finally this time of the year again. We are about to welcome the most beloved season of the year. The warm nights, the long-lasting sunlight, holidays, pool, beach and with that of course…the magical summer readings! After all these apps and social media channels made it into our lives, reading has become our second plate. But we should work hard and change this back to how it was. Being able to remember a summer according to the book you read – this was cool. The power of a good book is unquestionable. The feeling of freedom we get when we read…

Some may prefer novels, some opt for thrillers and some for motivational books, just like me. Sometimes a good piece of motivation is needed and it is safe to say that we can find this type of motivations in books. So, before I tell you everything about my favourite book, I went around the office asking the girls on their favourite books and here is what they said:

Lilly cannot hide it, she is (and will forever be) a Harry Potter fan she told me, however, her “responsible-adult” favourite book is „Steppenwolf”. This book is a poetical self-portrait of a 50-year-old who cannot still find himself and believes he might be half-human, half-wolf. Written by the German-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter Hermann Hesse, this book sounds perfect for any fiction lovers out there.

It is thrillers that Antonia likes the most. In fact, “Flugangst 7A” a psychological thriller by Sebastian Fitzek, is her latest favourite reading. A fictional story on a scary night flight from Berlin to Buenos Aires that she would not recommend to anyone who is easily-scared by planes or flying. On this psycho-thriller by bestselling author Sebastian Fitzek, the writer decided once again to play with the human fears of being trapped and helpless on board.

Carolin on the other hand, as well as Tati, stands more for the romantic novels. She loves a 2006 book that she discovered some years ago. “Love Virtually” from Daniel Glattauer. Little could I tell you about this book without creating a spoiler, so according to Caro, this would be a “romantic story in a weird way”.


One of Tati’s favourite novels inspired by the World Cup which she is a big fan of would be “Papers in the Wind”. A novel on football, friendship and good values. Written by the Argentinean writer and journalist Eduardo Sacheri, this novel was recommended to her while travelling around South America two years ago. She is already planning on reading the next part “Esperandolo a Tito” this summer.

As for me, I have a very personal book choice that honestly changed my perspective of life after reading it during a summer break in Greece. A book that makes you realize that things are happening NOW, not tomorrow. That it is really now or never. “Sweet Forgiveness” by Lori Nelson Spielman is the name of the book that I would without a hint of a doubt recommend everyone out there. It is a perfect mix of an eye-opening effect and motivation that would help anyone, no matter what. In fact, I fell so in love with the book after reading it on my summer escape that I did a short note on it some time ago. It is the second part of a series of four books, the last one is about to come out this July. Her first book was “The Life List” which I honestly couldn’t stop reading. It tells the story of a girl whose life seemed perfect until her mother passes away and her life changes completely. Shockingly beautiful and eye-opening, a must-read by all means.

I hope I managed to wake up your inner bookworm after going through five of our favourite novels of all times. It is now time to start planning the holidays and a good book should always be part of your summer suitcase simply because…all great leaders are readers.


Sommerzeit ist Bücherzeit. Sonne und Wärme genießen … und dazu in einem guten Buch schmökern. Darum: Macht mal Pause von Apps und Social Media. Nehmt euch Zeit und lest ein Buch. Ob Krimi oder Kurzgeschichte, ob Roman oder Ratgeber: Lesen eröffnet neue Welten, bringt neue Ideen, kann euch Flügel verleihen.

Was aber lesen? Die Auswahl ist riesengross. Deshalb habe ich mich im Team umgehört. Hier also unsere Büchertipps:

Lilly schwört auf Hermann Hesses “Der Steppenwolf” – einen Roman, der vor rund 100 Jahren geschrieben wurde und nichts von seiner Faszination verloren hat. Es handelt um einen 50-Jährigen Mann der glaubt halb Mann, halb Wolf zu sein.

Antonia liebt Krimis. Sie empfiehlt “Flugangst 7A” von Sebastian Fitzek. Sicher nichts für Leute, die ohnehin schon Flugangst haben. Und der Flug ist lang: Er führt von Berlin nach Buenos Aires.

Carolin konnte mit dem 2006 veröffentlichten Roman “Gut gegen Nordwind” von Daniel Glasauer erst aufhören, als sie die letzte Seite gelesen hatte. Ruck-zuck durchgelesen! Nur so viel wollte sie verraten: Es geht um eine recht irre Liebesgeschichte.

Tati ist im WM-Fieber. Dazu passt “Papers in the Wind” vom argentinischen Schriftsteller Eduardo Sacheri. Es geht um Fussball (natürlich!), Freunde und Werte. Ein nächstes Buch “Esperandolo a Tito” vom selben Autor steht für diesen Sommer auf Tatis Programm.

Und ich selbst? Was kann ich empfehlen? Nun, da gibt es kein Zaudern und kein Zögern. “Nur einen Horizont entfernt” heisst das Buch. Geschrieben ist es von Lori Nelson Spielman. Wenn du dieses Buch liest, verstehst du, dass die Wahrheit im Jetzt liegt. Und eben nicht im Morgen. “Jetzt oder nie!” – so könnte das Motto lauten. Das Buch hat mich so begeistert, dass ich es schon vor einiger Zeit in einem kleinen Beitrag vorstellte. Verschlungen habe ich auch ihre nächsten Bücher “Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel” und „Und nebenan warten die Stern“. Ihr vierter Roman „Heute schon für morgen Träumen“ erscheint – eeeeeeeendlich – diesen Sommer!

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