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Monday Journal

Monday Journal #24

18. März 2019

Again, two busy weeks passed and we’re back with a lot of new stories, happenings and things to know. Looking back into my week… We attended the “The little black cat” boutique new store opening. Has anyone spotted it in town yet? Well, it is located at Zollergasse 43. Vichy’s little shop in the middle of Vienna’s 7th…

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4. März 2019

As you might already have seen some hints on Instagram stories, last week was my eye laser intervention. Luckily everything went well, surprisingly fast, and I can finally salute my glasses. Isn’t that amazing? I still cannot believe that it is just one week ago. Trust me, I am enjoying a new life seeing with eagle eye.…

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Monday Journal #22

18. Februar 2019

Here we are half way through February and already counting the days until Spring arrives. But in the meantime, there are different types of events that will keep us busy until then. Dear vintage lovers… doesn’t a Vintage Kilo Sale sound interesting to you? I am sure it does, every vintage addict loves this. This event will…

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Monday Journal #21

4. Februar 2019

Hello from Kitzbühel! Emilian and I made it to the mountains and guess what… Emilian is already super excited about the skiing race this Friday. As always, it is the highlight of the week when kids attend a skiing school. Anyone else spending their semester break (with a toddler) in the mountains? If so, you might want…

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Monday Journal #20

21. Januar 2019

Emilian and my year started the best way possible, in the middle of a beautiful island…! However, our stay in Thailand did not really go as planned. The reason was the Pabuk storm. Luckily the expected winds disappeared before touching land and ended up looking like just a bunch of cloudy days that still let us (and…

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