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Monday Journal

Monday Journal #20

21. Januar 2019

Emilian and my year started the best way possible, in the middle of a beautiful island…! However, our stay in Thailand did not really go as planned. The reason was the Pabuk storm. Luckily the expected winds disappeared before touching land and ended up looking like just a bunch of cloudy days that still let us (and…

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Monday Journal #19

24. Dezember 2018

Today is special. Not only because it is the most magical morning of the year, but it is also time for our last Monday Journal of 2018 – Yay! It’s been a great ride for mit Handkuss. Many things changed throughout the year and many were the things we tried before finding our “new voice” on the…

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Monday Journal #18

10. Dezember 2018

We are getting ready to end the year the best way. A lot of organization goes into it. First of all, Emilian and I spend some quality time together at the Reiters Reserve Finest Family this weekend before I am off tomorrow to a special place to celebrate my birthday this year. I am extremely excited about…

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Monday Journal #17

26. November 2018

First things first: You are all cordially invited to this Fantastic Shop-up Event. You can find all the information on the invitation below – It’s time for some early gift shopping!  And action… The lights turn off. The room goes silent and all you hear is a random and shy cough at the end of the room.…

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Monday Journal #16

12. November 2018

Oh well, here we are. November is a month where many things happen in the city of Vienna especially. All the Christmas preparations are spiced up with a bunch of things happening in town. Here are some of them: Luckily for Christmas-lovers, November is also the time when all the Christmas Markets in Vienna open. Even though…

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