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Monday Journal

Monday Journal #3

14. Mai 2018

Two weeks have gone by already. It has been so quick, rather hypersonic. We were chatting about how to handle the full time working life with motherhood and going through the Urban Monkey Detox plan we did and all of a sudden, the week is over. Am I the only one that thinks that the world is turning slightly…

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Monday Journal #2

30. April 2018

If we were to put these two weeks into words, it would surely be frenetic and slightly chaotic. We went through it all. From a broken brand new computer to a broken toe at the Vienna marathon. We like adventures at mit Handkuss, so we made sure we had them this week and no…we are not speaking…

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Monday Journal #1

16. April 2018

Many things have happened in the last few months and that is the reason why you haven’t seen as much content lately, we were getting ready to rise in a slightly different direction and the time to present you one of my newest projects has finally arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly introduce you to the mit Handkuss Blog and mit…

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