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Monday Journal

Monday Journal #17

26. November 2018

First things first: You are all cordially invited to this Fantastic Shop-up Event. You can find all the information on the invitation below – It’s time for some early gift shopping!  And action… The lights turn off. The room goes silent and all you hear is a random and shy cough at the end of the room.…

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Monday Journal #16

12. November 2018

Oh well, here we are. November is a month where many things happen in the city of Vienna especially. All the Christmas preparations are spiced up with a bunch of things happening in town. Here are some of them: Luckily for Christmas-lovers, November is also the time when all the Christmas Markets in Vienna open. Even though…

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Monday Journal #15

29. Oktober 2018

The fall has literally fallen on us – It has been cold, windy, rainy and cloudy. Good thing I still have these beauties from Hunter with me, they are honestly lifesaving these days and practically wearable with everything you can imagine. Good thing I also managed to escape for a short and express weekend to Venice… the…

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Monday Journal #14

15. Oktober 2018

We are in the middle of the month already, Halloween is around the corner and so is Christmas (a little bit further away, but still close already!). During the past weekend, Emilian and I went to…. The Roncalli Circus. Obviously, we had a blast because who doesn’t enjoy going to the circus, right? However, I must admit…

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Monday Journal #13

1. Oktober 2018

Monday morning again, this time it is Fall and we had to jump from our endless summer shoe gear into some warm boots this past week. Salute the winter closet, because it is here to stay! Monkey 47 Before we all panicked and had to fall into our winter jackets though, we made it to the Monkey…

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