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Monday Journal

Monday Journal #19

24. Dezember 2018

Today is special. Not only because it is the most magical morning of the year, but it is also time for our last Monday Journal of 2018 – Yay! It’s been a great ride for mit Handkuss. Many things changed throughout the year and many were the things we tried before finding our “new voice” on the…

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Monday Journal #18

10. Dezember 2018

We are getting ready to end the year the best way. A lot of organization goes into it. First of all, Emilian and I spend some quality time together at the Reiters Reserve Finest Family this weekend before I am off tomorrow to a special place to celebrate my birthday this year. I am extremely excited about…

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Monday Journal #17

26. November 2018

First things first: You are all cordially invited to this Fantastic Shop-up Event. You can find all the information on the invitation below – It’s time for some early gift shopping!  And action… The lights turn off. The room goes silent and all you hear is a random and shy cough at the end of the room.…

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Monday Journal #16

12. November 2018

Oh well, here we are. November is a month where many things happen in the city of Vienna especially. All the Christmas preparations are spiced up with a bunch of things happening in town. Here are some of them: Luckily for Christmas-lovers, November is also the time when all the Christmas Markets in Vienna open. Even though…

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Monday Journal #15

29. Oktober 2018

The fall has literally fallen on us – It has been cold, windy, rainy and cloudy. Good thing I still have these beauties from Hunter with me, they are honestly lifesaving these days and practically wearable with everything you can imagine. Good thing I also managed to escape for a short and express weekend to Venice… the…

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