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Monday Journal

Monday Journal #13

1. Oktober 2018

Monday morning again, this time it is Fall and we had to jump from our endless summer shoe gear into some warm boots this past week. Salute the winter closet, because it is here to stay! Monkey 47 Before we all panicked and had to fall into our winter jackets though, we made it to the Monkey…

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Monday Journal #12

17. September 2018

September started strong and luckily the weather is still nice, which I am sure we all love. Emilian started his last year of kindergarten and that was quite emotional for me. His last year of kindergarten, time flew since we came back from our trip around the Asian continent. How did it happen so fast? Next year…

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Monday Journal #11

3. September 2018

Well hello September, you came by pretty fast. Time flew by and I didn’t even realise. September is the month of falling back into reality. Time to go back to the normal schedules. Finding our work-life balance again and letting our summer memories at the back of our minds just for a little longer… It’s the first week of…

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Monday Journal #10

20. August 2018

Just like the week I left for Ibiza, I have decided to post a second version of our latest holiday spots around the world. The office is a constant come & go. A lot of preparation and pre-scheduling is necessary to keep everything running, we are becoming real pros at it. A Monday Journal – holiday update Volume…

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Monday Journal #9

6. August 2018

The girls had the best intentions when they went to the 25 hours hotel in the 7th with the aim of snapping some material for an exciting upcoming article on summer nights in Vienna when the sky turned completely black. As soon as the girls ordered their drinks, it started raining like there was no tomorrow. In…

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