Monday Journal #15

29. Oktober 2018

The fall has literally fallen on us – It has been cold, windy, rainy and cloudy. Good thing I still have these beauties from Hunter with me, they are honestly lifesaving these days and practically wearable with everything you can imagine. Good thing I also managed to escape for a short and express weekend to Venice… the Disneyland of adults I like to call it, plus; a good dish of pasta is always welcome and of course: Bellini at Harry’s Bar!

Office update

Meanwhile, at the office, we have been receiving some exciting packages that we are looking forward to shooting soon and that you will soon see on our Instagram feed. Hint: We got a Stella McCartney Kids package last week… Can you guess who is going to be rocking the looks??

Past week was production time for one of our clients. It was a two-full day production of the most beautiful jewellery collections that we are excited to show the world soon.

Oh‘ … we have almost made it to November which means, December is about to knock on our doors. The Christmas campaigns are now ON and cooking!

Btw… we have a new member in the mit Handkuss team – Say hi to Emma! We will introduce our new intern in the next Monday Journal!

Vienna Culture Update… Exciting things are happening during November in town – Many of them to do with art and culture in Vienna. As we mentioned in our latest Vienna Guide, this city is not only about music, there are many other things happening that are just as good. For example, last week the Viennale began and will go on until the 8th of November. The Viennale is Austria’s biggest film festival and this year the whole event is dedicated to the low-budget cinema of the early years in Hollywood. Isn’t this and popcorn the perfect mix for such an autumnish week in the city?

If art happens to be a passion of yours, you might want to check out the “Art Supermarket” (www. Available in Vienna (Mariahilfer Straße 103) from the 17th of this month until January the 26th. How exciting must it be shopping art instead of clothes or shoes right? This is now definitely part of our November must-do!

A definitely must-see though would be the Bruegel exhibition. I managed to see it while my dad was in town and we both loved the whole collection. The only little detail was that it was in fact, very crowded. However, knowing this, I would suggest to go early in the morning and get yourself a ticket for the first time slot available. This exhibition runs until mid-January, so no panic, you still have time. Our recommendation: Take some binoculars with you… as vintage and funny as that might sound – you will need them to be able to enjoy some of his pieces!

We also attended the MINI Markt. For those of you who have never been to one of these markets, it is an exclusive event where all the baby/kid brands get together and offer their products. If you are thinking kids’ stuff is still not for you, let us just tell you that Carolin loved the market even if she isn’t a mom yet. So maybe it will be a nice idea to keep in mind for the next edition. In the meantime, you can have a sneak peek of it here, thanks to Carolin who jumped into this year Miniversum.

Btw, we are now looking for other MOMpreneurs to be a part of our interview series about their exciting journey as a mother and an entrepreneur. Are you one? Do you know one? If so, simply leave a comment below or drop us a line here:

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