Monday Journal #1

16. April 2018

Many things have happened in the last few months and that is the reason why you haven’t seen as much content lately, we were getting ready to rise in a slightly different direction and the time to present you one of my newest projects has finally arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly introduce you to the mit Handkuss Blog and mit Handkuss Agency. It’s all too exciting and moving very fast, but we are ready to rock and roll it. The agency’s main focus is now on communication services such as PR and Social Media. Together with the beginning of Spring, the mit Handkuss Blog, is also getting a fresh twist that should welcome new vibes and new sensations.

New starts are always good and a sparkling twist on the blog is exactly what I was looking for. The refreshed blog includes a spin in the main language although a short German translation will always be included. However, some full German articles will still be sneaked in every once in a while, with its translation for you not to miss out on any of our exciting articles.

This new start brings with it (naturally!) a brand-new creative team that will stand by my side on this blooming project. All together we will work to create crispy, fresh and entertaining content.

So, now that you can get a better idea of what the blog will look like in the future, we would be proud to introduce our first Monday Journal ever. Expect to see one of this every two weeks, because we would love you to be part of our exciting journey.  Now, chitchat aside, here’s a hint of what our last two weeks looked like at mit Handkuss.

To welcome the new beginning of mit Handkuss, the whole team head down to Spelunke Vienna and made sure we had a nice toast to welcome this new adventure. This sassy and in vogue restaurant by the Donaukanal, offers a variety of very savoury plates that deserved a good glass (or two…ahem!) of wine by the side.

mit Handkuss suggestions: The «Fischers Frites» would definitely be our must-try food suggestion if you are heading to Spelunke, however, you cannot leave the bar without giving the “Lava Lampe” shot (or three… ups!) a go!

If you love architecture and you are in Vienna, you should consider visiting the Otto Wagner exhibition, currently showing at the Wien Museum. My friend Tanja and me had a look at more than 500 pages of illustrated publications and some great insights into the many contributions the 19th-century-born Austrian architect happened to be a part of throughout his professional career.

In between some delicious «Fischers Frites» and Otto Wagner’s proofs of some genius creations, we also rescheduled our timetables and made sure we could go and check out Vichy’s fresh-out-of-the-oven products. Because who wouldn’t love a skin care product with an 89% of natural substances that actually works?

Spoiler alert: Exciting times ahead with the beautiful people from Vichy…!


Der Frühling kommt … und mit ihm ein rundum erneuerter mit Handkuss Blog. Dahinter steht ein neues Team an meiner Seite, wir haben frische Ideen, und Ihr dürft Euch auf viele tolle Überraschungen freuen. Wir werden auch internationaler auftreten: Die Mehrzahl der zukünftigen Beiträge wird auf Englisch erscheinen (immer aber mit deutscher Zusammenfassung). Los geht’s: Hier kommt “mit Handkuss reloaded”!

Nun aber passt auf: Bei aller Vorbereitungsarbeit für den Relaunch haben wir immer noch Zeit für tolle Entdeckungen gehabt. Wir verbrachten einen fulminanten Abend im Restaurant “Spelunke” am Donaukanal; “Fischers Frites” waren einfach köstlich. Außerdem habe ich mir die Otto Wagner Ausstellung im Museum Wien angeschaut: ein toller Architekt mit genialen Einfällen. Wir hatten Zeit, einen Blick auf die neuen Hautpflegeprodukte von Vichy (89% natürliche Ingredienzen!) zu werfen – Ihr dürft euch auf spannende Projekte freuen! Ja, und dann gab’s noch zur Neueröffnung köstliche Burger bei Rinderwahn am (Nasch)Markt.

Das Leben ist herrlich – und mit mit Handkuss macht’s noch mehr Spass!

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