Ask The Team: Breakfast Spots In Vienna

8. Juni 2018

For the love of breakfast! I have asked the team about their favourite coffee spots in Vienna and even for favourite ice cream shop in town, but how could I forget the most important question of all … their most beloved petit-déjeuner places in town.

When I asked the girls it was honestly a matter of action, reaction. I then assumed that all of them have the same adoration for a breakfast (especially on the weekend) as I do. So here we go… Ladies and gents, the official mit Handkuss breakfast guide in Vienna (for now, because you should obviously expect an updated version of this sometime throughout the year!).

Antonia has two favourite BF places in Vienna (because it is sometimes impossible to choose between two very good ones). Antonia’s most cherished spots for her morning food dose are Joma (Hoher Markt 10, 1010 Wien) and Freiraum (Mariahilfer Strasse 117, 1060 Wien).

I have to admit I was surprised to know that they served breakfast at Freiraum, as I had always known it as a nightclub.

Lilly also had to go for two top spots. As she assured me the absolute best Benedict eggs in Vienna are currently being served at Lingenhel (Landstraßer Hauptstraße 74, 1030 Wien). I already made a note of that and added it to my must-try-soon list, not sure what Emilian would think about this delicacy though. However, her other favourite breakfast place would be the Meierei im Stadtpark (Am Heumarkt 2A / im Stadtpark, 1030 Wien).

Since Caro is much more related to the French culture and lifestyle, she likes to walk to her favourite small breakfast spot in the 9th district of Vienna, La Mercerie.

This coffeehouse opened not very long ago and has managed to make everyone visiting it, fall for it. They are a very small French bistro managed by a couple who have no interest in making their business Internet-friendly, hence why, they don’t even have a website. The owners from La Mercerie (Berggasse 25, 1090 Wien) believe it is enough if people walk by and simply come in. The good old style. Little can we say I guess, because their strategy is working to perfection. Their outside tables are full and so are the ones inside. Everyone wants to come in and explore their old pharmacy style cabinets and eat their freshly made French pastries.

Tati, on the other hand, likes to go for Sunday Brunch to Stadtkind café in the 1st district. Big breakfast, including her morning favourite…a croissant.

Stadtkind Café (Universitätsstraße 11, 1010 Wien) offers a big variety of breakfasts and a good amount of it as well, which is also a good plus. However, she has another sneaky secret spot where she said you can also get some freshly made Italian delicacies and some VERY GOOD coffee imported from the most Southern point in the country, café L’Ottavo (Kochgasse 26, 1080 Wien).

Oh, and then there is me…

I really enjoy having breakfast at Ulrich (St. Ulrichplatz 1, 1070 Wien), Figar (1060 or 1040 Wien) or at Guesthouse (Führichgasse 10, 1010 Wien). Ulrich is simply perfect. Offering breakfast until 15:00 on the weekends, perfect solution after a night out. Outstanding location, great vibes. The brunch options at Guesthouse in the 1st district though… open 365 days a year from 6:30-23:00. And here is one of my best-kept secrets…The brunch or breakfast at Guesthouse includes a full freshly baked basket of bread and pastries. Enough said I think.


Wir haben euch bereits “unsere” Lieblings-Kaffeehäuser und “unsere” Lieblings-Eisdielen vorgestellt. Heute verraten wir euch ein weiteres Geheimnis: “unsere” allerliebsten Frühstücksorte (besonders wichtig am Wochenende, richtig?!).

Antonia zieht es ins Joma (Hoher Markt 10) oder Freiraum (Mariahilfer Strasse 117). Für Lilly gibt es nichts Schöneres und Besseres als Egg Bénédict im Lingenhel (Landstraßer Hauptstraße 74) oder auch die Meierei im Stadtpark (Am Heumarkt 2A / im Stadtpark). Caro schwört auf La Mercerie (Berggasse 25), ganz im französischen Stil und mit sehr speziellem altem Design. Tati empfiehlt das Stadtkind Café (Universitätsstrasse 11) mit seinen herrlichen Croissants oder auch das Café L’Ottavo (Kochgasse 26) mit italienischen Spezialitäten und exzellentem Kaffee. Und wenn ihr nun mich fragt: Ich gehe gerne ins Ulrich (St. Ulrichplatz 1, 1070 Wien) oder ins Guesthouse (Führichgasse 10, 1010 Wien) – beide Cafés für Spätaufsteher ein idealer Ort.

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