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5 Traveling tips before heading on to your next adventure

6. Dezember 2018

The holiday season is around the corner and travelling and packing is hectic enough, especially when you travel with children. Due to my job (and my passion for travelling), I do have to be on the go quite often and… Yay, we are off again for New Year’s this time. This is the reason why I would…

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22. Oktober 2018

Vienna is, in fact, a very lively city for both young and old. In the colder months though, there are little secrets that keep on making Vienna one of the best cities to live worldwide. So here are some of the little secrets you should know if you are visiting Vienna for 48 hours. First of all……

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48 Hours City Guide: Alicante

25. September 2018

Alicante, Spain. Located on the Costa Blanca… facing the Balearic Islands. This is the perfect short weekend getaway when the clouds have decided to remain over our heads in central Europe. As you might already know, Spain is not only famous for its “siestas” and “fiestas”, in fact, there’s is a bunch of other things you can…

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Travelling with kids: Tips and Hacks

5. Juli 2018

Travelling with kids…scary, right? I feel ya, but if you overthink it you will never do it. That’s a fact. Trust me, that was exactly my thought when I made the decision of travelling around Asia and Australia with a 2,5-year-old Emilian. Some may have thought I was nuts, completely irresponsible, taking a 2,5-year-old to travel around…

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