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26. Februar 2019

Che bella è Roma, no matter what time of the year you go. Rome is beautiful. It is lively and messy. A real mess I would say. Cars park on the sidewalks, people shouting for apparently no reason, they talk with their hands and they honk as an automatic response to who knows what. Italia. What a…

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17. Januar 2019

If the Hop On Hop Off bus sounds like one on the lamest ideas you have ever heard, you might want to read our full guide of the city of Amsterdam. We, at the office, have been lucky enough to visit the Dutch capital a few times now and as a consequence, we have some of the…

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Throwback: Our Holidays In Pictures

10. Januar 2019

We are back and well ready to go. A good rest was all we needed to welcome the year with the best energy because positive vibes are always a must. Our batteries are recharged and we are excited to bring more projects to life with the whole team. But before we start with “the real deal” and…

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Happy kids on board – Tips & Hacks 

18. Dezember 2018

I travelled to New York by myself last week, what a difference. I forgot what it was like to fly without a toddler. But in a few days, Emilian and I will be on the go again. This time our winter holidays include some short and long-distance flights. The first flight will be a short one, to…

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5 Traveling tips before heading on to your next adventure

6. Dezember 2018

The holiday season is around the corner and travelling and packing is hectic enough, especially when you travel with children. Due to my job (and my passion for travelling), I do have to be on the go quite often and… Yay, we are off again for New Year’s this time. This is the reason why I would…

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