26. Februar 2019

Che bella è Roma, no matter what time of the year you go. Rome is beautiful. It is lively and messy. A real mess I would say. Cars park on the sidewalks, people shouting for apparently no reason, they talk with their hands and they honk as an automatic response to who knows what. Italia. What a country to explore.

Tati travelled to Rome for the weekend and listed all the following spots where you can go, eat and act like a real local. Ready to blend in?

Where to stay…

Staying in the city centre is obviously amazing, not everyone gets to open their windows and enjoy the views of the Colosseo every morning, however, there are other areas that are also worth the stay. Piramide or Trastevere are two districts you could have in mind if you are looking to step away from the touristic crows.

However, if you still want to inhale every single thing the city has to give, you could consider the 47 Boutique Hotel, located very centrally and close to many of the must-see spots in Rome.

Where: Via Luigi Petroselli 47, 00186

If you are looking for a real Italian stay though, this might be the residence that you are looking for, Hotel Residenza San Calisto. Located in Trastevere (the district with the little pretty streets that you see on Google). Trust me, you will want to snap every single corner of this place.

Where: Via Dell’Arco di San Calisto 19/20, 00153

mit Handkuss tip: During the summer Rome gets very, VERY hot. The best place for a “cooler” stay are the Villas. When I spent a weekend down there, the thermometers were marking 38 degrees but thankfully, I got to stay at Aldrovandi Villa Borghese. Slightly away from the city centre (next to the Borghese Park), but still with a very Roman vibe. And it comes with a pool, yay!

Where: Via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 15, 00197 Roma

But if you are looking for a TOP experience, with the city under your feet… The Inn At The Roman Forum is the place. Romanic, authentic and on top of the city. Besides having an incredible terrace where you can have long breakfasts or dinners while looking straight into Rome, it is located between all the must-see attraction that this city has to offer.

Where: Via degli Ibernesi 30, 00185

Ordering coffee and how to drink it…

You might already know this, but for those of you who don’t, coffee in Italy has a different meaning to many other cities in Europe at least. In Italy, you have coffee at the bar, where you meet everyone. Some people meet there for the morning dose with friends on their way to work, and others have it alone. However, they all have it the same way. Quick, in one or two sips and at the bar. No need to sit down. “That’s how your drink coffee in Italy,” they told me once while showing me. This, of course, happens in the case you order Expresso. If you order Cappuccino, you might want to drink it a bit slower of course.

Pssst… Do not order a double expresso. Italian coffee is strong enough already!

Lunchtime (or pranzo)…

always have in mind that Italy should be cheaper than other European cities, so finding a full menu (starter, first, second and dessert) for 10€-15€ should be easy. All you need to do is walk slightly away from the main touristic streets. Don’t be scared to explore. Carlo Mento is one of these places. Hidden in a little piazza in the Trastevere area, this restaurant will serve you a full menu the way a nonna will serve it to you. Fast, delicious and traditional.

Another cute spot which is very centrally located (close to Piazza Spagna) would be Otello. Another secret place where you can have a nice plate of pasta and some tasty salads.

Pssst…  they will serve you some delicious “welcome Lambrusco”. Not bad at all, as an added value!

Some stops away, you will find many other places to eat. Masto for example. This small and very cute spot is a restaurant/wine bar where you will literally feel like home. The waiter will sit with you and take note of what you would like to have calmly, the Italian way, slowly and relaxed. So, I certainly don’t recommend it if you are starving after a whole day of walking around. This tiny place would be a great option for an original pranzo before heading to Via del Corso to do some shopping though.

Pssst… Did you know that a real Carbonara sauce contains no cream and is only made with egg?

Dinner time (or cena)…

Why not leave the central area for a while? Piramide is a district that is only 3 stops away with the Metro from the central area. The area is now well-known around locals and full of cool places where you can go for a drink and dinner. The Osteria Ostiense would be a good option after a long day of walking around the city. Local, fast and delicious. What to order? Easy. Pizza Margherita con mozzarella di bufala. You just can’t go wrong with this choice. However, the whole Via Ostiense at Piramide area is full of restaurants and fancy drinking bars where you could end a night in Rome.

Pssst…  From Via Ostiense, you can walk north and find yourself at the Colosseo in 10 minutes!!

For fancy drinks… Bar ZUMA located at Palazzo Fendi. It isn’t typical Italian instead, it serves Japanese food (OMG, delicious!!), and is well known from London and New York. Visiting their unique rooftop with that beautiful view of the city and having one of the best cocktails in town is an absolute must-do while in Rome.

Other tips…

The BEST pictures of La Fontana di Trevi can be taken at night. Forget the daily crowds and flocks of people that make it impossible to snap the right picture without having an Asian couple in the background. Go at night. After dinner, past midnight. The water is turquoise and it is well illuminated. Trust me on this one!

If you are going to Rome during the summer, have in mind that you will not be allowed to go into many places if you are wearing just a tank top. Always pack a light scarf to be able to put it over your shoulders!

Do not miss stopping by Antica Salumeria (located opposite of the Pantheon). Non-vegan friendly I advise, but even if you don’t buy anything, simply going into the shop is a whole experience. This is a real salami and cheese paradise!

Lastly and of course, not to be missed are the classic spots: Vatican City, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon (this one is a breathtaking one for sure), Piazza Spagna, Colosseum and Trastevere area. Go ahead, get lost in one of the oldest cities still standing. Rome will never disappoint.


Was gibt es Schöneres als Rom? Die “ewige Stadt” – und immer ein Besuch wert! Tati war unlängst dort und hat ihren Geburtstag in Italiens Hauptstadt gefeiert. Sie hat die Stadt genossen und viele Tipps für euch mitgebracht.

Man muss nicht unbedingt im Stadtzentrum seine Unterkunft suchen. Es gibt auch andere, genauso schöne – und nicht überlaufene – Stadtteile. So zum Beispiel Piramide oder Trastevere. Welche Hotels sind Tati aufgefallen? Da ist zunächst einmal das sehr zentral gelegene 47 Boutique Hotel. Dann mochte sie das Hotel Residenza San Calisto, typisch italienisch, in Trastevere. Ich selbst erinnere mich mit Behagen an die Aldrovandi Villa Borghese (mit Schwimmbad!) nahe dem Borghese Park – eine der vielen Villen, die gerade an heißen Sommertagen ein wenig Abkühlung versprechen. Und dann gibt es noch – unbedingt zu empfehlen – The Inn At The Roman Forum, mit fantastischer Terrasse und einem Blick über ganz Rom.

Ein gutes Mittagessen (pranzo) kann in Rom günstiger sein als in anderen großen europäischen Städten. Dreigängige Menus gibt es durchaus schon für 10 bis 15 Euros – wenn auch nicht in den touristischen Zentren. Tati kennt die Lokale Carlo Mento in Trastevere (hier kocht die Grossmutter!), das Otello (nicht weit entfernt von Piazza Spagna) oder das sehr gemütliche Masto, in demselben Quartier.

Den Kaffee trinkt man in Italien nicht im Restaurant, sondern in der kleinen Bar um die Ecke. Man steht an der Bar, leert seinen Espresso (einen “doppelten” brauchst du nicht, der italienische Kaffee ist immer stark genug) in ein oder zwei Schlucken, schwätzt mit dem Nachbarn, zieht weiter.

Am Abend sollte man das Zentrum durchaus mal verlassen. Bis zum Stadtteil Piramide sind es nur 3 U-Bahn-Stationen, und dort hat es Restaurants und Bars in Mengen. Tati gefiel die Osteria Ostiense, und dort die Pizza Margherita con mozzarella di bufala. Ich hingegen liebe die ZUMA Bar beim Palazzo Fendi. Ist zwar nicht typisch italienisch (japanisches Essen!), aber der Blick von der Dachterrasse – genauso wie die Drinks, die sie servieren – ist ein Must-go!

Was sonst? Den berühmten Trevi-Brunnen sollte man spätabends oder auch erst nach Mitternacht besuchen. Das Wasser schimmert herrlich türkis – und die Touristenscharen haben sich verlaufen. Besuche in der Kirche bitte nicht nur im Trägerhemd; ein leichter Schal sollte immer dabei sein. Keinesfalls auszulassen ist die Antica Salumeria nahe beim Pantheon – nichts für Veganer, aber einfach yummy.

Und die anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten? Nun, sie stehen sicher in deinem Reiseführer. Hinein ins Gewühl!

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