Ask The Team: Vienna’s Best Ice Cream Spots

20. April 2018

We might still be a bit far away from the beginning of the summer, however, that does clearly not impede us from having ice cream. A lot of it actually. In the past years, the ice cream shops seemed to have multiplied in Vienna, so when I recently found myself in two minds, I quickly texted the mit Handkuss team asking where we should head to. For my surprise, every single one of them had a different favourite ice cream spot. Clearly, we have a lot of ice cream tasting to catch up on and I am not complaining (and obviously Emilian isn’t either).

So, the first one to answer to my ice cream prayers was Lilly. She strongly suggested us to go to Ferrari Natural Gelato Eis Manufaktur. A family-owned business where the ice-cream is produced daily by using the old traditional machines. Lilly’s favourite flavours at this central Vienna Italian gelateria are Crema Matteo, a mascarpone cream with caramelized pine nuts and Gianduia, the classic nougat cream from Torino.


Then I got Antonia’s text claiming that we should definitely go to Zanoni & Zanoni originally owned by an Italian. Apparently, apart from having a huge selection of flavours, they have frozen yoghurt with a must-try “topping of your choice” dreamed variety.  Antonia’s favourite taste though is clearly Cookies, without a doubt.

Carolin, on the other hand, stands firmly by Eis Greissler. This Austrian ice cream brand opened its doors to the public back in 2011 in the heart of Vienna, basing its production on their own bio-products. Ever since then, they are one of Vienna’s favourite ice cream spots. Carolin likes ordering Topfencreme and Strawberry, because both flavours mixed together come close to perfection, she says.

Tati’s favourite is Gelateria La Romana, the real Italian ice cream. Born in the historic district of the incredible summer city of Rimini back in 1947. Luckily, they have arrived in Vienna and they offer a huge range of self-made creamy ice creams that are totally worth a try. Located next to one of the busiest high streets, Tati is a huge fan of the flavour “Baccio di Dama”, a perfect mix of vanilla base, full toasted almonds and a hint of Nutella.

And of course, I should now tell you about our favourites, Emilian’s and mine. I am a huge fan of a small ice-cream manufacturer in Hietzing, Schoko & Fiocco, where they offer a different and new sort every Sunday. That keeps our curiosity awake and somehow attracts us to go almost every Sunday to make sure we don’t miss out on any of their flavours. Cheeky, cheeky.

Finally, and most importantly (because we should trust a kid’s ice cream taste more than any adults), Emilian’s favourite ice-cream spot in Vienna is Leones. A small and very new brand, originally from the south of Italy, that landed in the Viennese market stronger than anyone could believe – and no wonder why. Here is the real evidence of it.



Der Sommer ist noch nicht da. Aber er kommt näher, und die Lust auf ein gutes Eis wächst. Ich wollte mal wissen, was das mit Handkuss-Team dazu meint. Und siehe da: Es bleibt die Qual der Wahl. Wien ist eben ein El Dorado für alle Eisliebhaber. Ob in Ferraris Eis Manufaktur oder bei Zanoni & Zanoni, ob bei Eis Greissler oder in der Gelateria La Romana: Jede dieser Eis-Himmel lädt dazu ein, Spezialitäten zu naschen. Genauso verführerisch sind ein Eis von Schoko & Fiocco oder von Leones.

Übrigens: Emilian schwört auf Leones!

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