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Acts of Love – Making a Difference Every Day

10. Oktober 2018

Kindness is FREE. The love that kindness spreads could actually change the world. We forget that it takes no extra effort to smile back, or simply hold the front door open for the person behind you. A simple “have a lovely day” … why not? We forget that it is the small things that make the difference…

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It Is All About The Ride

23. August 2018

It’s late, he’s sleeping. It was a long summer and we are both happily tired. We were busy doing … fun stuff. The kind of fun stuff that we won’t get to do as much when summer comes to an end and reality hits us. I’m sitting on the couch with the windows open. The breeze reminds…

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5. August 2018

Oh, man, oh, man! It is dark outside. The sun has gone down and you are walking down a dark street. No lights ahead, just you and your shadow. All of a sudden, three dark and big silhouettes appear at the end of the street. Now what? Feeling the chills already? Or imagine this situation. You are home watching TV…

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MOMpreneure im Gespräch: eine neue Interviewreihe

17. Juni 2018

Wir haben immer wieder Themen angesprochen, die für arbeitstätige Mütter wichtig sind. Dabei haben wir immer wieder auch die Sichtweisen von Müttern kennengelernt, die unternehmerisch tätig sind. Ich selbst gehöre ja auch zu dieser Gattung: Da gibt es einen Sohn, Emilian – und da gibt es die PR-Agentur, den Blog, die Jumpsuit Kollektion, den Firlefanz Markt. Ich…

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