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Snowy Essentials: 10 Must-Haves

23. Januar 2019

As much as I love the beach and cannot wait to be back in paradise, I have to admit I also enjoy the colder months of the year. Whether it is skiing in the mountains (ohhhh… some new adventures are coming up!!) or simply enjoying the beauty of snowy days in the city, here are my 10…

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Monday Journal #20

21. Januar 2019

Emilian and my year started the best way possible, in the middle of a beautiful island…! However, our stay in Thailand did not really go as planned. The reason was the Pabuk storm. Luckily the expected winds disappeared before touching land and ended up looking like just a bunch of cloudy days that still let us (and…

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Sunday Thoughts: My (Non) #10YearChallenge

20. Januar 2019

We sat with the team this week and decided that we should also go with the flow. We would prepare a short #10YearChallenge post for Sunday. It was fun, right? So, I woke up the next morning and quickly typed in #10YearChallenge into google and SURPRISE. The headline read “Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge is just a harmless…

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17. Januar 2019

If the Hop On Hop Off bus sounds like one on the lamest ideas you have ever heard, you might want to read our full guide of the city of Amsterdam. We, at the office, have been lucky enough to visit the Dutch capital a few times now and as a consequence, we have some of the…

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Sunday Thoughts: Du und ich – Wir bekennen Farbe!

13. Januar 2019

Wie schön ist ein Regenbogen! Aus dem Nichts heraus wächst er in den Himmel … und genauso verschwindet er wieder im Nichts. Er leuchtet. Er zieht mich an, ich schaue ihm zu. Und während ich ihm zuschaue, beginne ich zu träumen. Es kommen mir Geschichten. Ich erinnere mich an Momente meines Lebens. Ich kann den Regenbogen nicht…

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