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The secret behind Black Friday

23. November 2018

Friday and sales, what a great combination this is. For those of you who never heard how “Black Friday” actually happened, here’s a short explanation of the event. The late 1950s, Philadelphia. It was the day after Thanksgiving and the local police were having a headache every year on this day. The streets were packed and they…

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Digital Minimalism 

20. November 2018

The world changed, I agree. Even I fell into the trap, but life is still going on. Things are still happening and we are missing out. Funnily enough, Wien Tourismus came up with an interesting campaign with this exact topic. See Vienna. Not #Vienna. It can be hard though, especially for people like me (or us at the…

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Sunday Thoughts: The World Through Our Screens

18. November 2018

Can you remember…? No… but I have the picture! Oh dear, how unfortunate is not remembering a piece by Picasso? Or the Mona Lisa at the Louvre? The Sahara Desert or simply a local dancing couple on the streets of South America… when you WERE THERE to witness it? But of course, the perfect shot was more…

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Candle Obsessions: The Season has arrived

15. November 2018

I am sure I am not alone in this… the candle season has arrived. Oh‘, this makes me very happy. It means its officially okay to have hot chocolate and marshmallows every single night. It means evenings get chilly. Days are shorter and early mornings colder. Blankets are much more necessary and other details to make your…

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Monday Journal #16

12. November 2018

Oh well, here we are. November is a month where many things happen in the city of Vienna especially. All the Christmas preparations are spiced up with a bunch of things happening in town. Here are some of them: Luckily for Christmas-lovers, November is also the time when all the Christmas Markets in Vienna open. Even though…

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