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Mompreneur: Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer

30. Juli 2018

Meet Lisa, an entrepreneur in the world of fine arts. Originally Born in Graz and currently living in Vienna. Lisa’s journey in this exciting world began after her experience in the city that never sleeps, where she lived for some time before moving back to Vienna. Vienna was very different from New York City at the time…

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Summer survival hacks to stay on track at work

27. Juli 2018

During Summer it might be harder for us to concentrate, especially at the office. You find yourself constantly daydreaming about the holidays you just came back from or the upcoming ones. Palm trees, the sound of the waves, the breeze … The sun keeps on shining through the office window and distracts you from your duties. To…

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Nachhaltigkeit: Pflicht und Aufgabe

25. Juli 2018

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich ein fantastisches Foto wiederentdeckt, den “Blue Marble”. Wer kennt es nicht…?! Seitdem lässt mich das Foto nicht mehr los. Es zeigt die Erde, aufgenommen aus 300 Kilometern Höhe. Es lässt die Schönheiten unserer Erde erahnen, sehen wir doch Meere und Kontinente, sandgelbe Wüsten und schneebedeckte Gebirge. Kein Zweifel: Wunderschön ist unsere…

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Monday Journal #8

23. Juli 2018

This Monday Journal will be slightly different. The mit Handkuss ladies are not the only ones on holidays, I am too (currently in Ibiza…as you could probably tell from my stories on Instagram!) and so are most likely most of you. It is summer. It is the time of daydreaming by the sea, late night adventures and…

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