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IT-PIECES: Hippie Tribal Jumpsuits

13. Juni 2018

The whole idea of the jumpsuits came to me while travelling around Asia when Emilian was only 2 years old. We were travelling with extremely little luggage and dressing up and combining my clothes became a whole new art I hadn’t experienced before. My mit Handkuss designs were a result of this adventure of ours. I needed…

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Monday Journal #5

11. Juni 2018

Another Monday has arrived. How does it even happen so fast? We at the office are already counting the days to go on holidays, even though we still have some weeks of work ahead. In the meantime, let me update you with some of our latest happenings, travels and news of upcoming events in Vienna. Last weekend…

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Ask The Team: Breakfast Spots In Vienna

8. Juni 2018

For the love of breakfast! I have asked the team about their favourite coffee spots in Vienna and even for favourite ice cream shop in town, but how could I forget the most important question of all … their most beloved petit-déjeuner places in town. When I asked the girls it was honestly a matter of action,…

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How to style your jumpsuit for any occasion

5. Juni 2018

Did I already mention how proud I am of my dressy jumpsuits? I probably said it some weeks ago when I officially started the mit Handkuss design season (a.k.a. good weather!). The jumpsuits are a personal project of mine that I am extremely proud to be able to do. Luckily for me, you love them too! I…

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Unplugging in Stockholm – Food & Drinks Guide

3. Juni 2018

Ich verbrachte ein verlängertes Wochenende in Stockholm, verband Business mit Entspannung, absolvierte meine Termine und genoss mit meinem Vater eine großartige Stadt. Stockholm ist definitiv eine Reise wert. Und wenn ihr dann noch ein sonnenbeschienenes Wochenende aussucht, wie wir es hatten: Das ist Genuss pur! Mein Vater und ich entschieden sehr rasch, dass bei solchem Wetterglück Museen,…

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